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Samen iets moois maken.



It takes a numder of steps to put down a Prisma stone-carpet floor. 

Some of the main conditions are:

  1. Temperature of the room from 16 to 18 Celsius. 
  2. Even underground
  3. Stable underground
  4. Chape, tile, watertight plating, fully glued novilon
  5. Clean and completely empty workfloor.

First the floor is cleaned by standard dry dust vacuumcleaning.

If there are tiles or  Novilon on the floor these must be cleaned with a mixture of ammonia and water. 

Next tiles and posihed concrete is to be scrubed.. If the floor is very uneven, it has to be egalised first. 

Now the profiles neccessary can be installed and the epoxy ground layer can be applied.